Scrum Master

Company Name:
FlaggStaff Technology Group, Inc
The Agile Scrum Master role requires an individual knowledgeable in the Agile methodology, as well as an individual with a solid project management background. This role requires a scrum master to be able to work with multiple projects managers that utilize waterfall and iterative methodologies. The role also requires the individual to report to service delivery leads outside of one own?s immediate department. Critical: The individual needs to be able to manage and report internal and external dependencies; as these dependencies are critical to the success of the integrated product. Scrum Master is likely to be assigned multiple projects.

Projects main responsibilities
1. Managing a team of actuaries to build/update current/new Microsoft Excel pricing models. Understanding scope/requirements and reporting those to development team.
2. Managing a team of developers to convert Excel pricing models into an Analytical Pricing Framework (.net). Working with actuary team to validate development work.
and 3integration of both

The ideal Scrum Master will be comfortable running and scheduling meetings with direct team and teams outside of their department as well as attending other departments? meetings and reporting on status, issues, and risks. . The Scrum Master must be comfortable working with management and the customer base (Actuaries and Underwriters).

At times the Scrum Master will need to take on a Business Analyst role. Including defining scope/requirements, creating kick-off meetings as well as supporting day-to-day BA duties. Expectation is that the Scrum Master becomes knowledgeable enough with the business and technical project details, so as to be able to communicate with external teams.

Agile Scrum Master
Including normal Project Management skillset: Managing Issues, Risks, Dependencies, Project Phases, Budgets, and Timelines
Plus: Scrum Master skills including: Story writing, backlog grooming, and ranking
Ability to coordinate and communicate with multiple stakeholders across departments
Scheduling meetings, documenting action items and following through with multiple teams
Aligning dates across project teams

Industry Expertise
Depending on projects assigned, specifics could vary
Worker?s Compensation, General Liability, Auto, Property Casualty

Strong Negotiator
Ability to work with, align with, meet/exceed expectations with multiple teams and stakeholders including senior management

Other Helpful Skills
Advanced Microsoft Excel skills
.net background
Citrix server background
Microsoft Project

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